Chateau Combel La Serre La Cuvee 2016


Wine Region: AOC Cahors

Grape: 100% Malbec

Total Production: 11,000 Bottles

*Certified Organic

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Tasting Notes:
Structu red and dark , a bit gamey, screams out for food but still leaves you feeling refreshed.

About the Winery:
Julien Ilbert, owner of Château Combel La Serre, embodies a new generation of young winemakers in Cahors. Like many others, the domaine’s revival came in the form of its conversion to organic viticulture (certification was obtained in 2015). In the manner of traditional farming families, the property’s grapes would be sold to the cooperative along with other agricultural products. Only in 1998 did Julien and his father begin to bottle their wines themselves, and strangely enough, in Burgundy bottles! Although the Cahors appellation requires you to use only 70% Malbec, Julien Ilbert prefers to produce his wines exclusively using this characterful variety. A jewel of the South-West!