La Petite Gargotte Cabernet Sauvignon IGP Pays d’Oc 2017


Wine Region: Languedoc, IGP Pays d’Oc

Grape: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

*Collaboration With Double Michelin Star Chef Franck Putelat, BOCUSE D’Argent.


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Tasting Notes:
This is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which is what gives it this deep ruby red colour. You can really smell the ripe blackcurrant notes at first, then you get lovely smoky and peppery hints that tickle your nose. The palate is rich, it’s like silk on your tongue. There is a slight acidity from the tannins but it goes perfectly with the coffee notes in the finish.

About the Winery:
Created in 1999 by Alain Grignon, Mark Lynton and Thierry Leduc, LGI Wines is a company specialized in winemaking in the south of France. Located in Carcassonne, in the heart of the Languedoc region, today it is led by the important winemaker Xavier Roger.