Valveran “20 Manzanas” Ice Cider 2016 375ml


Wine Region: Municipality of Sariego (Cider district of Asturias)

Apple:11 different varieties of native Asturian apples

Total Production:18,000 Btls

Accolades: The best ice cider at the Concurso de la Sidra de Nava 2020 Cider Contest

Grand Gold Medal in the 2020 International CINVE Cider Contest

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Tasting Notes:
Aged gold color, with copper reflections, clean and shiny. Complex nose, very aromatic, with sweet sensations of dried fruit including dried peaches. Citrus aromas predominate, such as candied orange peel, passion fruit, and ripe apple. There are also light reminiscent of fresh quince. The attack is sweet and moreish, reminiscent of honey. Offering a great balance between acidity and sweetness. Full and persistent, this ice cider is elegant and exquisite with a tangy finish that awards freshness. A very fresh ice cider, with a silky feel and long palate.

About The Winery:
Valverán was founded in 1999, being the first and most exclusive ice cider on the Iberian Peninsula. The name Valverán 20 manzanas arose due to the quantity of apples required to make each 37.5 cl. bottle, given that each contains the concentrated juice of at least 20 apples.